SOFTCAMS:OpenATV Softcam Feed 2.0

SOFTCAMS:OpenATV Softcam Feed 2.0

We have a new and improved Softcam Panel feed 2.0  for OpenATV.


  1. Extract,
  2. Copy the softcam-feed-mipsel_x.x_all.ipk to “TMP” on your STB via FTP,
  3. Set Now on your STB press the Blue botton on the remote and go to Plugins » IPK Installer » Memory /tmp » Intall Extensions » Select:
  4. softcam-feed-mipsel_x.x_all.ipk
  5. and press the Green Button,
  6. Now go to the start, press the Blue Button and now you have the Softcam Panel were you can install and manage your softcams,
  7. Have fun.

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