How to setup Mag 254

How to setup Mag 254

Hi, I just wanted to share with you guys the full setup that I give to my users. Hope it’s okay and hope it helps someone.

How to set up wifi:
Go to System Settings. Select Network. Scroll down to Wireless and select. Select Auto(DHCP). It should give you a choice of WiFi connections available. If your WiFi connection is on the list, select it. The next screen allows you to enter the password at the bottom in the Key or passphrase box.

How to update Mag 254:
If you bought a new Mag receiver, you should update it first and you can do so by going to “Settings>>System settings>>Software Update>>Press Enter, and then press the F1 button to confirm.

How to add Portal URL to your Mag receiver:
1. Go to “System Settings” menu and then go to “Servers”
2. Click “Portals” and enter the info below using the “KB” button. (Note: you will need to press the “KB” button each time after you are done typing.)
For “Portal 1 name” put XYZ
For “Portal 1 URL” put
Press ok to save then exit back twice to “System Settings” again.
3. Go to “reload portal” and press ok when prompted. Enter the given Username and password.

Enjoy !

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