OSCam svn11.444 Emu -r781

OSCam svn11.444 Emu -r781

  • OSCam svn11.444 Emu -r781 –

OSCam SVN Repository history – Changeset [11444] felixka 25.12.2018 20:07:19
– [gbx] – fix peer password not stored in config
– issue introduced with last commit
– thx @Azo for catching that
– [gbx] – fix parameter ‘gbox_reshare’
– show peer-id & online stat in webif reader
– code clear up

oscam-svn11444-sh4-webif Download
oscam-svn11444-mipsoe20-webif-oscam- Download
oscam-svn11444-arm_dm900-solo4k-webif- Download
oscam-svn11444-arm_dream900 Download

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