NCam 7.9-r0 Emu -r783

NCam 7.9-r0 Emu -r783

-[dvbapi + streamserver] Added future audio stream types for ATSC (currently not activated)
-[streamserver] Separate PAT and PMT searching from PowerVu descrambling
-[streamserver] Added ‘Caid’ setting in the stream relay configuration
(From now on the stream relay accepts a caid setting via the webif. The relay will be enabled only for the caid(s) specified.
Channels with caids other than those specified in this setting will be descrambled via the dvb-api.
An empty setting means the stream relay will be not used at all.)
-(This unconventional encryption system (data are XOR-ed with a dynamic key) works only via the Stream Relay option.
Refer to the wiki for more information on how to configure OSCam-Emu for use with Compel.)

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