How to Watch PowerVu Channels on Enigma2 With Oscam Emu

How to Watch PowerVu Channels on Enigma2 With Oscam Emu

 It is very encouraging news that due to latest changes, Oscam Emu now support opening of PowerVu channels in Enigma2 through “Stream Relay method”. Everything happens inside the STB, no PC required. Enigma2 streams to oscam-emu, and oscam-emu streams back to Enigma2. You can watch on Enigma2 directly. You can add the stream URL to your channel list, and directly watch on the E2. So, the stream relay needs a fast CPU. For example, CPU usage on VU+ Duo2 for SD Channel 5% & for HD Channel is 15%.
Oscam Emu for Dreambox and Vu+ Enigma2 Images:
 File Paths:
oscam: /usr/bin oscam config files: /etc/tuxbox/config
Keys are put into SoftCam.Key, which is placed inside the same folder oscam.conf is (for example /etc/tuxbox/config). A SoftCam.Key file is already provided in the package. But if it does not work you may edit it to add or change keys.
Key format in SoftCam.Key:
P <srvid> <nb> <key>
P 1234 01 11223344556677 AU keys: P <srvid> <UA> <key>
P 1234 11223344 11223344556677
For keys Service ID (SID) must be in hex format. If Service ID start with 0, delete it and write it at end of Service ID (for 0A28 put A280, for 1234 put 2341, for 5678 put 6785).
Channel Config:
1. Go to the OpenWebif and click on the “Stream” button for the channel you want to add. 2. Download and save the .m3u file. 3. Open the .m3u file with a text edior and get the stream link. It looks like this: http://stb:8001/1:0:19:1234:3EF:1:C00000:0:0:0: 4. Replace the port (8001) with the relay port (default: 17999) and the host name (“stb”) with 5. For channel list you must use DreamboxEdit (Dreamset not work) and Service ID must be in Decimal (not in HEX).
 Adding the new stream link to your channel list with DreamBoxEdit:
 1. Go to the list in the middle “Bouquet details”. 2. Right click on a channel, select “IPTV and other streaming services”, select “Add”. 3. Select “DVB/TS”. 4. Choose a name and use the new stream link as URL. 5. Use the “Service ID” of the original channel. You can find it in the left list (“Services”). 6. Do NOT use the correct Transponder ID/Network ID/Namespace for the stream link. Use Transponder ID: “11”, Network ID: “22” and Namespace: “33”. 7. Set Service Type to “1”, and enter the correct Service ID for the channel.
For best performance, the “Include ECM in http streams” setting must be enabled. If your image supports it (openpli, openatv), you can find it here: OpenWebif -> Settings -> Customize
If the setting is not available, you may need to adjust the “ECM fix delay” setting in oscam webif (Config -> Stream Relay). Increase/Lower it until there is no stuttering.
When using VU+ devices, make sure to use the latest drivers (June 2015), if you encounter any problems.
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