ICAM / OSCAM installation

ICAM / OSCAM installation

OpenATV 6.4 or higher is required.

We recommend OpenATV 7.1 Download OpenATV 7.1 and an ARM 4k box.

If an Oscam iCAM version is already installed, uninstall the existing one.

  1. Blue button — Extensions — Remove Plugins — Softcams
  2. Select and uninstall oscamicam
  3. Reboot box

Set settings only for OpenATV if necessary:

  1. Menu button — Settings — Operation + interface — Extras / Customize system settings
  2. Integrate ECM into HTTP streams – NO
  3. Decrypt HTTP Streams – YES
  4. Decrypt received HTTP streams – NO
  5. Load bouquets not included – YES
  6. save with the green button
  7. Reboot box

Install OSCAM IPK.

OSCAM iCAM – V8 – ARM (4k box)Download

OSCAM iCAM – V8 – VUPLUS4K (4k VU+ Box)Download

OSCAM iCAM – V8 – MIPSEL (not 4k box)Download

Various other Oscam installations and instructions

  1. Download the IPK and copy it to the /tmp folder on the box via FTP (e.g. Filezilla).
  2. blue button — Extensions — IPK Installer
  3. Select Storage TMP
  4. Install extensions
  5. Check IPK
  6. and install with the green button
  7. Reboot box
  8. A new channel list “Sky DE iCAM” was automatically installed, the channels only become bright via this list

Select Oscam iCAM as default

  1. blue button — softcam — set up softcam
  2. select the oscamicam (with right left)
  3. start with the yellow button
  4. and save with the green button

Enter Oscam Line

  1. open browser
  2. http://IPDERBOX:8080
  3. go to oscam.server under files
  4. Insert reader (from email)
  5. click save
  6. restart oscam or box

Optional upload of picons


  1. Download the Picons iCAM zip file
  2. Unzip the zip file
  3. Copy the unzipped folder “picon” to “/usr/share/enigma2” via FTP

known problems

  • Problem: OpenATV 7.0 on VU+ Oscam won’t start —- Solution: use OpenATV 7.1
  • Problem: Freezer with two activated tuners (Twin Tuner Receiver) —- Solution: Activates only one tuner
  • Problem: Installation stops — Solution: Uninstall Oscam first (see instructions at the very beginning)
  • Problem: OSCAM installed but the channels don’t get bright — Solution: do a channel search


  • Uninstall old OSCAM iCAM
  • Reboot box
  • Install new OSCAM iCAM
  • Reboot box
  • insert reader
  • Restart OSCAM

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