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OSCam 11734-emu799 ICAM v9

configure oscam icam in 4 steps

oscam icam

OSCam iCam is a software module used for card sharing and decoding of encrypted television channels. It is a popular choice for satellite and cable TV enthusiasts who want to access premium channels without paying for a subscription.

OSCam iCam acts as a server-client application, allowing users to share their local card with others over the internet. The software supports multiple encryption protocols and can decode various types of smart cards, making it compatible with a wide range of receivers and satellite systems. With its user-friendly interface and regular updates, OSCam iCam provides a reliable and efficient solution for card sharing and unlocking encrypted TV channels.

Get a Free OSCam Icam Test

install oscam icam latest

these settings for openatv image

Important:If using radegast change:

  1. Include ECM in HTTP streams – YES
  2. Descramble HTTP streams – NO
  3. Descramble received HTTP streams – NO
  4. Load unlinked userbouquets – YES

Important:If using dvbapi change:

  1. Include ECM in HTTP streams – NO
  2. Descramble HTTP streams – YES
  3. Descramble received HTTP streams – NO
  4. Load unlinked userbouquets – YES

save and exitextract and upload in etc/enigma2edit and add the line in above#SERVICE 1:7:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:FROM BOUQUET “” ORDER BY bouquetsave and exitrestart enigma2

Get a Free Test OSCam Icam

OSCam Files

OSCam files provided tested and worked great with major enigma2 images

Download Oscam config

Download Oscam Binary

Download userbouquet2 ICAM

Download oscamicam ipk

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