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MultiCS-OSCam panel reseller

MultiCS-OSCam panel reseller 2.0.4

No permission to buy (€79.99)
Multics panel manager working with all version
Multics and support PHP 7.x
unlimited accounts ( Multics,OSCam, MGcamd,Newcamd)
files generated automatically and many options contact-us if you interested

1- Real time online offline status of user
2- option to clear notifications
3- change avatar and Email for users
4- New registered users will go to specific group created by admin ( you can select from manage groups )
5- when import servers in resellers account , get options to select hosts/port from accounts added in settings (not manual)
6- when click info of servers , see what account belongs
7- custom plugin of data-table
8- Update settings without refresh (possible to rename any account)
9- System information ( Ram ? CPU, php version..)
10 - Customizing translator with flags

Bug fix
Fix: oscam.conf no update
Fix: export db sql from panel


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1. unlimited accounts for all type of servers ( Multics,OSCam, MGcamd,Newcamd)
2. when edit server can see name client
3. admin can see calendar to edit expiry date
4. discount / group
5. added note for client when generate new cline
1 . Payment method add
- add cost/credit in admin configuration
- show notification popup if insufficient credit
- execute payment by paypal
- auto update credit

2 . Import / export Full database in sql file

3 . Correct servers.txt format
fix bug:
sql sensed auto mail
Newest :
1. - Line management for oscam server
- Get channel info for the oscam server on home page
2. - Add sub-reseller
- Transfer credits from reseller to sub-reseller
3. - Auto backup .sql in Email everyday
Newest :

  • - can added oscam.server -Newcamd
  • - show user connected and our flag country in home page
  • - added tooltip hover mousse for ports used in servers (1-8)
  • - costume server setting and sparing between OSCam and MultiCS

Bug fix:

  • -admin notification Email users action by resellers-name
  • - user registered can be delete by panel



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